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Crypto Business That Pays Daily?

if you are interested in building a Crypto Business its time to join our mega platform..

• Paraiba offers a 100% passive solution for those seeking to profit in Cryptocurrency

• Currently, the company has between 8-10 Cryptocurrency Traders & some Forex

• Traders MUST put down collateral for any drawdowns that could result in loss…this allows the company TO NEVER LOSE.

• It pays from 0.3% to 0.5% per business day (4 days per week from Thurs. – Sun.)

• The CEO is Erich Ely (USA, Germany) who resides in Austria

• Began in October 2019, but only from February (after the meeting in Singapore)

has there been a strong expansion into various markets.

• Backoffice is cosmetically appealing and performs very well.

• Minimum Deposit/Re-Deposit is $25 USD … $100+ to Qualify for Commissions

• Each Cycle lasts 100 business days (4 days per week)

• LIFETIME Contract however, full deposit can be removed (if desired) after each cycle

• BTC in/BTC out (deposits/withdrawals)

• Full SEPA-connection. Card-Bank in/out

• With own Unique Exchange

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